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Intey Handheld Metal Detector

Intey is a Handheld metal detector that measures metal levels in an environment quickly and easily, with its folding shovel and 4 line of the Intey is sterling for small rooms or areas that are not easily accessible.

Intey Pinpoint Metal Detector

The Intey Handheld metal detector is designed to spot the slightest bit of metal in any surroundings, whether you're scouring for rottweiler suburbs or just a quick find, the Intey is sure to find what you're searching for. With its surefire compatible, straightforward to operate folding shovel and carry bag, the Intey is unequaled for any job, the Intey metal detector is an unequaled product for people hunting for a safe and secure alternative to find metals. The detector presents a bag style design and can detect a variety of materials with ease, this hand-held detector also offers a listen feature that allows you to take with you when you are not using the detector. This detector gives a bag feature which makes it uncomplicated to take with you wherever you go, the detector also grants a folding shovel feature which makes it facile to caught up with the work you need to do. Intey is a portable, hand-held metal detector that operate with lead, it imparts a shovel type design and is equipped with a carry bag. This detector is exquisite for an admirer digging for a no-cost substitute to detect potential metal content in their environment.