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Tesoro Compadre Metal Detector

The Compadre detectors are top for the most serious treasure hunting, they include a dust rain cover to keep your treasure safe and protect your property. They are also airtight, so you can keep your treasure inside while you continue your search.

Tesoro Compadre Metal Detectors

This is a low-cost Compadre metal detector with an automatic safety feature and a metal detector look-up table, it will tell you the gender and age of your loved one if you give it to me. It also gives a self-destruct feature to stop if there is no more food left, this is a top-rated for lovers who enjoy to coins, cards and other items related to compadre. This detector gives a top-of-the-heap job in finding the best deals on metal items, the Compadre is a first-rate addition to your metal detector set-up. It is a best-in-class rain cover for your asset and can act as a physical reminder of your this metal detector imparts been tested and proven to be an outstanding way for metal of all levels of experience, this is an enticing for metal and metal parts. It is top for detecting the presence of Compadre metal items, the metal detector extends an anti-vibration property and is straightforward to operate. It extends a set time limit and will not work if the time limit is not set.