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Excalibur 2 Metal Detector

The Excalibur is the 2 nd version of the metal detector that is waterproof and offers a metal detector type of detector, it is new in the market and will provide users with the quality controls they need to ensure that the detector is effective and accurate. The Excalibur is additionally straightforward to set up and use, with an user-friendly interface.

Minelab Excalibur Ii Metal Detector

The anderson minelab Excalibur is an 12" metal detector with a black carbon fiber lower rod, the detector can detect metals including carbon, silver, gold, and iron. The detector is with a battery-powered detection panel that tells you the metal number, species, and the age of the object, the detector is furthermore for facile use in the glanced- politico genre. The anderson minelab Excalibur metal detector is a black carbon fiber long shaft 0811 cf detector with a heavy-gauge steel cable, the detector can detect the metal chrome, gold, silver and alloys of other chemicals in water. The detector is height-sensitive and can detect some 500% metal concentration in water, the Excalibur is sterling for research and development purposes or for general water use. This metal detector is sensational for suitors wanting for a top quality results with basic to use, the detector is compatible with all types of metal and is first-rate for eco-friendly detector users. This metal detector imparts a black carbon fiber lower rod that is 24"lx0702 e"x0703 w" and is equipped with 24"/0 702 e carbon fiber competition no, 24 0702 the detector also includes a high-quality carbon plate, making it 1 of a kind. The Excalibur also includes a high-quality polarity selector, making it excellent for on-the-gostonalling.