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Minelab Safari Metal Detector

If you're scouring for an amazing metal detector that comes with a full warranty, the Minelab Safari is a top-of-the-heap choice, this detector features metal detector with a blow out special that any other detectors in its price range. With a collection of 50, 000 detectors all with full warranty, Minelab is your one-stop-shop for metal detection needs.

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Coiltek 6" DD Treasureseeker Search

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Explorer Safari New $
CORS Cannon 14.5 x 10.5
Hand Book By Andy Sabisch

The Minelab Quattro & Safari

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Minelab 7 1/4 DD Coil

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Safari Minelab Metal Detector

The Safari Minelab metal detector is a first-rate tool for finding metal in difficult to find places, the detector can detect the presence of salt, metal, and other minerals in despite of the presence of air and water. It is sterling for individuals wanting for an all-in-one metal detector, the Minelab Safari metal detector is a top-notch detector for the harder to find types of metal. It as well outstanding for sussing out the metals that you may have missed before, the Minelab Safari metal detector is designed for metal detection and is output at 5 vdc. The detector grants a senses level indicator, alerting you on if the detector is overloaded or not, the detector also imparts a sunray probe and gray ghost headphones for the headphones also have a side for direct charging of the detector. The Minelab Safari is a powerful metal detector that is sterling for an individual scouring for a safe and straightforward to handle metal detector, the Safari features an 1. 5-100 khz frequency range, so you can find all the metal content in your area quickly and easily, additionally, the Safari comes with an 11 dd coil, which can detect up to 100 khz of data.