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Teknetics Alpha 2000 Metal Detector

The Alpha 2000 metal detector is terrific for people digging for a metal detector that can handle the tough competition, it grants an 8 cone coil up close and personal, while the 5 year warranty ensures that you'll be happy with your purchase.

Teknetics Alpha Metal Detectors

The Alpha metal detectors are designed for research and development in the digital media industry, they are based on the same technology as the Alpha level 3 e metal detector and are compatible with any android or windows 10 device. The detector can detect almost all the metals that can be found in digital media, including silver, gold, silver and gold micro-emitting diodes, it is again compatible with the latest ios and android apps, making it top for used media and music files. The Alpha 2000 metal detector is an outstanding tool for finding the remains of people and objects who may have been important in their life, the detector can detect the presence of metal objects and people at a distance of 8 inches. The detector grants 8 coils in 5 inch circles and presents an 10-year warranty, the detector can detect the use of metals such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, magnesium, silicon, and damascus steel. This detector is conjointly good for searching for violations of other such as related to security, safety, and environmental protection, the detector imparts a high sensitivity and can detect a wide range of metal objects. The detector is basic to operate and is enticing for individuals who wish to find the source of a noise in a video or audio file.